Five Friday Favorites (home decor edition)

Oh what a week it’s been.  We are moving soon and I started the process of packing and took a few car loads of boxes over to the new house.  That’s one benefit of only moving two miles down the street (literally), you can make multiple trips.  We have moved a lot since college, I think almost at least once a year (I graduated in 2007 and Cathrine in 2005) so that’s a lot of moves.  But every time we start packing, I’m always amazed at how many things we actually own.  Inevitably, we end up donating a few bags to Goodwill.  On the bright side, moving is a time to pair down which always feels nice.

But alas, it’s Friday now and time for my favorites!  Since we are moving and will be decorating a house soon, I thought it would be fun to have this weeks favorites be all things that I’m loving around our home.

Friday Favorites

1. Spencer Peterman Cherry Bowl– We’ve given these bowls as wedding presents to a couple friends and were recently given one of our own.  I love the story of these bowls, how the wood is found in the forest (near where I grew up) and the decaying tree trunks are turned into these beautiful bowls.

2.  West Elm Favorite Throw– This throw is surprisingly warm since the material is relatively thin and cozy to curl up with on the couch.  The price is reasonable (it’s even on sale right now) and looks nice draped on a chair or couch in the living room.

3. Loop Candelabra– We have two of these on our dining room table.  They are fun, playful, and can be arranged in endless configurations.  Sometimes I interlock them to create a cluster of candlelight in the middle.  Other times, I separate them have them frame a flower arrangement.

4. Magnarp lamp from IKEA– We’ve had a version of this lamp for what feels like forever.  We currently are using it as the light by the bed.  They’re reasonable, simple to put together (which is saying something for the IKEA), sturdy, and I happen to like how they look.

5. Room and Board Parsons Bed Frame– Every time we move, I am thankful for this bed frame.  It comes apart simply in four main pieces (headboard, foot board, two sides) and then 10ish (haven’t counted) rods that go across the bottom creating the platform for the mattress.  All of the pieces are interlocking so there are not screws or bolts.  We like it so much that we actually just ordered a second metal frame (different style) from Room and Board for our guest room.  One of the reviews say they’ve had it for 18 years and it looks like they just got it yesterday.  Boy do I believe them.

I hope to be back later with a orange maple glazed salmon recipe.  Perfect for an at home date night.