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Welcome to No, We’re Not Sisters – A blog exploring the interests, lives, and travels of a west coast girl and an east coast girl who met in college in Massachusetts who now live on the left coast in Southern California.  As the title suggests, we are often mistaken as sisters, however, we’re not.  If we we

re, that would be a bit strange.  We each have our own different but complimentary passions and lifestyles.  We both love to exercise, spend time outside, travel and explore new cities, and try new recipes- we are just trying to live a healthy, active, and interesting life.

About Cathrine

I’m the West Coast half, born and raised on rural Whidbey Island, an hour north and a boat ride away from Seattle.  I grew up surrounded by tall trees, horses, chickens, mountains, and not a whole lot else.  After 6 great years of East Coast education, I headed back out west for work. A full time corporate lawyer, sometimes horse trainer and social media dabbler, I enjoy friends, good food, fitness, well crafted cocktails, travel planning and deals.
About Cate

I’m the East Coast half, born and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts.  A college town that is known for its asparagus and summer sweet corn.  I am 28 years old and for the last three years, I’ve been learning to live without the seasons you find on the East Coast.  I am addicted to possibility and potential and therefore, throughout the day I am constantly coming up with new ideas, projects, and places to visit.  It is this potential that carries me throughout my day.  I love running, experimenting in the kitchen, travelling, and spending time with friends and family.


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