Five Friday Favorites

My mom heard on the Today Show that it takes 60 days to form a habit.  When she first told me this, my initial thought was, “boy that’s a long time,” but then I considered it a little more and began to believe it.  All too often we want to see immediate change without putting in all the required effort.  All too often we make changes and reason with ourselves that these changes are possible because of their short duration (3-4 weeks) and once the time passes and the goal is reached, we’re more than likely to go back to a modified version of our previous behaviors.  Changing habits for the long term is hard.  Starting new habits that last is difficult.

For me, getting into the habit of blogging has been hard.  While this blog has been around for more than 60 days, honestly, I have not been dedicated to this space.  It will be hard, it will take work, but for the next 60 days, I’m going to try and make blogging a habit.

Moving on, here’s a list of five things that I’m loving lately!


Lorac Blush in Soul has been my go toblush for a while now.  It’s actually the only blush I own.  It gives just the perfect amount of rosiness to your cheeks without looking too bold.  My makeup routine, if you can even call it a routine, is very simple.  Some moisturizer, sometimes a tad of BB cream, a little bit of this blush, mascara, occassionally a spritz of perfume, and lip gloss.  I prefer a natural look.

Lip balm

Olive Natural Beauty Lip Balm in Refreshing Rosemary if the perfect lip balm for during the day.  It smells wonderful and leaves your lips feeling amazing.  Plus it’s handmade!

Wallaby Organic Greek YogurtStoneyfield

Wallaby Organic Nonfat Greek Yogurt and Stoneyfield Organic Nonfat Greek Yogurt.  Until three weeks ago, any type of yogurt used to make me gag.  But lately I’ve been loving having a bowl every day.  It’s a good source of calcium and protein.  I like to top mine with raw oats, unsweetened coconut flakes, and chia seeds.

Peanut Butter

MaraNatha Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter has been a staple in our fridge for the past few weeks.  I enjoy mine spread on top of a banana for breakfast and Cathrine likes it on celery for an afternoon snack.

North Face Jacket

My parents gave me The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket in Black for my birthday a couple weeks ago.  It’s finally chilly enough in So Cal that I’ve been able to wear it.  It’s so cozy and light but warm that I never want to take it off.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We’re headed to see Book of Mormon on Saturday!


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